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Quality, Innovation and Performance

The best technologies and ingredients in the hands of the best hairdressers for the most demanding women that want products that truly works in an elegant, classical packaging with the upmost respect for our planet. Created in Paris by a French hair cosmetic expert and made in Italy very close to Venice for the ultimate respect to our environment and the most stringent quality control. We are convinced that the best performing products always combine natural and synthetic ingredients. When we use natural ingredients such as Argan oil we make sure that it is grown and harvested with the least damage to our planet and carry a Bio certification. (e.g. EcoCert).

Respect for the hairdressing industry and exclusivity

We believe that craftsmanship is the ultimate luxury. Good hairdressers are experts in diagnostic, in service, in personalization, in trends and techniques. They provide a service but also anexperience. They are the only people that have the power to transform so radically a women in such a short amount of time. Great hairdressers make women feel great. Because we want to support this profession and what they do our brand is only available in hairdressing salons. We do not sell on the internet. We strive to be only in the best salons with professionals of unrivalled skills.

Positive impact on our environment

We believe in offering the best performing products with the least impact on the environment. We believe in investing part of our revenue into projects that have a direct positive impact to our environment. We will re-invest 5 % of our margin into projects that can fight global warming, because we are convinced that it is one of the most serious threat to our planet. For 2017 we are considering working with the Arbor Day Foundation and contributing enough to replant 5000 trees. We are also considering major replanting operations in Provence, and in New Zealand.